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Er werd een Registered Nurse Case Manager gevraagd...17 september 2017

Can you speak directly with the physician if needed?

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The Arora Group

When are you available?

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One month, but turned into six months.

2 weeks

Ready In 2 weeks, as long I give my 2 week notice at work.


They asked me if I knew anyone who worked for the company. I told them I did. They asked me if I knew the rates for home health visits. The manager then quoted me incorrect lower rates. I actually did know what they were paying before my interview. I lost respect for the company after that. The rates per visit were lower than I would have accepted...AND THEY TRIED TO OFFER ME A LOWER RATE THAN THEY PREVIOUSLY PAID NURSES!!

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Why did you play dumb when they quoted you the rates?

Apparently they got me mixed up with another candidate. Very unprofessional. Wasted my time. Would not recommend this company. I just played dumb when they quoted me the rates. I knew this would not work. Minder


Tell me 3 positive things your co-workers might say about you.

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They would say that I am a great listener, I don'the get flustered very easily and I managed my time to be able to complete tasks in a timely manner. Minder

They would say that I am determined, dependable, and innovative.

Mayo Clinic

How I could contribute to the unit; How well I could handle conflict (detailed response expected); how would I handle a medication error; Why did I want to work for Mayo

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I am a task oriented person and I know that i can do whatever you want me to do. My cognition towards the skill set you require says a lot that me being a good candidate. I can give my hard work to the organization and can carry organizations goal to a different level. And at the same time that will enhance my capabilities in the sector. Minder

How well I could handle conflict

Kaiser Permanente

How do you handle difficult situation with your boss?

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Be upfront and open minded

Try to understand their point of view, then add yours in. Meet somewhere in middle. People want to be understood, not always correct. Minder

Heartland Hospice

How I felt about death and dying

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I had a lot of experience with death and dying from previous positions

Death is not a traumatic experience in hospice. It is an experience shared with family and loved ones. The more educated the family and loved ones, the more beautiful the experience for everyone including the patient. Minder

Advanced Correctional Healthcare

They asked me about one of my managers and how that person helped me grow.

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I didn’t mean to vote, but cannot fix it. Was trying to figure out how to see the rest of the answer. Minder

I told them of how my manager was a mentor and a professional that assisted me in my management skills. Minder


After 35 yrs in Nursing... what are my goals for the rest of my career?

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Character development focus on growing maybe in some area you have not thought of...might not even be nursing Minder

PrimeCare Community Health

What are you looking for your job?

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Be honest so you and they can find the right fit

General medical practitioner

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