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Er werd een Clinical Nurse Reviewer gevraagd...9 maart 2022

Have you ever worked or schooled remotely?

1 antwoorden

Yes. For my bachelors and master degree

One Call

My past skill with computers and programs, Word, Excel and medical experience/areas of skill set, knowledge of medical testing.

1 antwoorden

Honestly, I thought I knew pretty much the use of computer programs, and I learned so much more, even after taking on-line introductory IT class, and work related computer training. Minder

Novitas Solutions

Had I ever had a productivity job?

1 antwoorden

Yes and I explained.

Change Healthcare

What would I bring to the job.

1 antwoorden

experience, positive attitude, focused, multi tasker.


Tell me about your experience?

1 antwoorden

I reviewed my experience and provided clear examples


Questioned on what I would expect typical care to be for common admissions (pneumonia, CHF, etc).

1 antwoorden

They’re still in the hiring process…

Elevance Health

Tell me about yourself

1 antwoorden

Two clinical scenario questions

The Judge Group

They asked if this position may be one you are interested in- and gave a detail summary of what each aspect of the position entailed. I was interested in the position even though it was with an insurance company (not the best places for nurses to work as they don't follow NYS DOH guidelines- the higher level nurses delete their notes - not a place I would want to stay with ---hence why I am looking.

1 antwoorden

It was nice...why waste time discussing a position that you really have no interest in. Excited to start the process of looking for a position again - hoping I will find a company with integrity and work ethic this time. Minder


Basic, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

1 antwoorden

What was your job description with your last employer?


What clinical experience do you have?

1 antwoorden

I described my clinical experience. They prefer at least 2 years of clinical experience. Minder

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