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Er werd een Counsel gevraagd...13 december 2012

the interview mainly is regarding the previous experiences, also technical related questions.

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Looking after Quality control, Quality Assurance, R&D Laboratories work. Looking entire activity of Laboratory including testing of Raw material, intermediate and finished product. Done cost reduction for Asphasol, Drilling Detergent, Pipelex (weighted and Non weighted) and MADE Some NEW PRODUCT like Asphasol Supreme, Blackfurry etc. Minder

Develop new process and product:- Blackfurry (New Product) Asphasol supreme (New Product) Spotting Fluid weighted(New Product) Asphasol (Cost Reduction) ONGC Grade Sulphonated Asphalt (Cost Reduction) Drilling Detergent (Cost Reduction) Rigwash (Cost Reduction) Spotting Fluid n/w (Cost Reduction) Complete implementation of ISO 9001-2008.GSQA operation Minder

Instrumentation Skills: HP-HT (High Pressure High Temperature) Filter Press Instrument. Extreme Pressure & Lubricity Tester Instrument Mud Tank and Mud balance API(American Petroleum Institute) Filter Press Instrument FANN Viscometer HBM (Hamilton Beach Mixer) MultiMixer For the API Testing Rolling Oven for the Performance Test Muffle furnace Brookfield Viscometer pH meter Minder

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Upper Iowa University

If you were a farm animal, what animal would you be?

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Zee TV

Can you handle the South Asian management style?

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If you can deliver results, they will follow! (They can be pesky and very demanding at times).....still, if you can deliver.... Minder



Graham Packaging

What was your salary (starting and ending) at your last position? What was your salary (starting and ending) at your prior job? etc.

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Graham is based in TN now because they merged with 2 sister companies. When they merged, the CEO from TN (one of the sister companies) became CEO of the newly merged company and he doesn't want to move. Rank is actually based in Chicago (for the USA). Rank is really a New Zealand company. It's pretty sad that a once great LOCAL company is now part of some international conglomerate. It is slowly being chipped away (multiple layoffs) and probably will be gone completely in the near future. Minder

Are you sure the interviewer was based out of Texas?? Graham is a subsidiary of the Rank group, based out of Tennessee. Minder

The interviewer was absolutely from Texas (they had a 469 (Dallas) area code).

DRB Capital

I was asked about specific experience relating to my job position and multiple examples of real life scenarios evidencing same. The majority of the questions focused on goals, ambitions, and my reasons for wanting to gain employment at DRB Capital. Also, to my surprise, everyone took the time to get to me personally.

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First I need job in drb capital because I do like

I answered all questions honestly, even if my answer was negative. I believe my sincerity went a long way. Minder

I am honestly all answer ‘i goal is truck machnical and my is achievement so I get the job and I will job with honesty Minder


The recruiter asked surprisingly general questions, and it sounded (very much) like she was reading from a script.

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The questions were so general that they didn't allow for very specific or meaningful responses. I don't see how the questions that were asked could be useful in comparing candidates. Minder

Was this an actual interview for the job or an initial recruiter call? There is a difference, and it sounds like you are confused. I was referred for a job and a recruiter reached out, and they clarified it was not the actual job interview. This was a call so they could learn about me beyond my resume. Yes it was super general. But it was actually pretty interesting because I never had this happen with other companies. I'm not a match for the job I was referred to. Yes, the questions were standard - not specific to the job. So I think you are confused in what the call was for. Minder

No, I'm not confused. Interesting theory though, especially since you weren't involved in any way. Minder

Donahue Fitzgerald

Why do you want to leave your last position?

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Job security.

Project completion

Project completion

Ministry of Education Singapore

What makes you think you can handle an entire school cohort

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When was your interview if you dont mind me asking?

Did they get back to you on the outcome?

Hiiii! You received an offer for this role ?


Are you willing to travel?

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Sure yes


Interview was very conversational.

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Same happened to me. I was interviewed by a recruiter and to Managers on Staff. I sent thank you letters to everyone I met with and have been following up with no response. It has been about a month now and I really find it discourteous as well to not get any response after putting in so much time into the process. It would be much better if they responded with we have decided to move on with the application process. Minder

I also had the same experience. I sent thank you notes and followed up via email and phone with no response. It was very unprofessional and in considerate. Minder

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