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Shoppers Drug Mart
Er werd een Post Office Clerk gevraagd...9 juni 2020

Are you flexible to work weekends

3 antwoorden

yes if it was fair rotation


Yes i am interest weekends

Marine Corps Community Services

How would I handle a a situation where a parent is on the phone, a parent would like more information at the front desk and another parent is requesting to make a payment?

2 antwoorden

I would finish helping the parent that is on the phone first, then help the parent that is requesting to make a payment, then I would assist the parent requesting more information so that I can answer their questions without interruptions or being in a rush. Minder

I would politely ask the parent on the phone for a phone number to call them back shortly than take care of the two parents in front of you. Minder

Are you willing to learn how to do repair work?

2 antwoorden

I can not stand getting greasy, I thought to myself. Outloud, i readily agreed!

Yes, most definitely


How do you handle an angry customer

2 antwoorden

I will stay quite and listen very carefully with a smiling gesture so customer will feel my full attention is towards him while the customer is aggressive. Once customer will quite I will repeat someone of points which I will pick from what customer said to confirm and then i will make sure I will help customer on my own behalf. As customer is my first priority Minder

I just to be humble able they are angry because a customer is customer i want that they see im humble and good crew in my company Minder

Shoppers Drug Mart

How do you deal with angry customers?

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US Census Bureau

Are you legally allowed to view personal information? If hired, are you willing to keep all personal information confidential, or face legal action?

1 antwoorden

Yes, and Yes.

Why should we hire you over someone else?

2 antwoorden

Whatever I don't already know, I can learn quickly.

Because I'm gullible enough to believe your hype.

Vail School District

Tell me about yourself.

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I moved here from Cleveland Ohio and came with my mother and my son and want to work for your company. Minder

I moved here from Cleveland Ohio and came with my mother and my son and want to work as a office clerk something different. Minder


My availability and flexibility, how I would handle a customer with issues, if I could lift up to 50 lbs

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I know how to deal with customer issues and try to resolve-if not then ask manager for assistance. Minder


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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That was a tough answer because I live for today. I never used to think past that. Minder

Happily married, possibly running my own business while studying for my masters degree in business administration Minder

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