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Er werd een Post Office Counter Clerk gevraagd...26 oktober 2022

What skills do have that will be helpful for this role?

Social Security Administration

Tell us something you know a lot about. It can be your hometown, a videogame, hobby, a current or former job. We will give you 5 min. to prepare

Aleixo Technologies

Why You Leave Your Current Job

1 antwoorden

My Dream to Settled in US

US Census Bureau

When are you available to work?

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US Air Force

How would you handle an angry customer call?

US Census Bureau

Have you ever encountered a difficult situation at work and how did you overcome it?


Can you work a weekend day?

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Yes, I can.


Computer skills? Do you know your way around basic Excel?

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Yes. I have a general knowlede in MS office.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Talk about times in former jobs when you had to make a tough decision.

Ricoh Canada

General walk through of resume and how it may relate to the job posting.

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