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How I deal with situations when colleagues ask me several things. You an think about: Can you boke a flight for me and an other colleagues asks you at the same time to send a policy condition

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I said that I won't panic and that I would do first what's in a hurry. In this situation I would book first the flight and than the policy condition, because the policy condition can only be send around 16.30.

wat voor boek ligt er op je nacht kastje?

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Zie je er altijd zo uit?

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Questions such as: why did you apply to this position and what previous experience could you bring in with you

Unfortunately I never had a job interview, so no questions asked.

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Which one of the Omnia values speaks to you most and why? Some questions were quite difficult to answer. Self-reflection is very important during the interviews

wat zijn je goede en slechte eigenschappen

Can you mention an accomplishment you are proud of

Er waren geen echt onverwacht vragen moet ik zeggen.