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Er werd een Online Sales Account Manager gevraagd...29 april 2022

1) Cosa mi dici se ti menziono wi-fi 6, wi-fi mesh, FTTC e FTTH? 2) A chi AVM offre i propri prodotti? 3) Come arginare il problema di Amazon che punta sulla scontistica dei prodotti, quando noi invece vogliamo non deprezzare?


How will your past experiences contribute to your success in this position?

Zuri Furniture

The questions were typical of what you would expect from a sales position interview, and management questions. The most difficult part though is series of assessments that will be asked of you to complete.


What do you think makes a good sales person.


"Describe yourself" and questions in relation to previous experiences.


The experience in sales and what do I expect to learn from this internship

Group M7

On which marketing channels would you focus?


Do you shop in our stores?


I liked that we started with personal hobbies in the interview, so first question was : tell something about you I cannot find in your CV (e.g. CV)

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I talked about my hobbies and what I do in my free time.

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