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City of Brampton, Ontario
Er werd een Clerk gevraagd...30 juli 2017

Name a time when you were able to help a customer who was irate ?

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I had a customer call that was irate because she had no heat in the middle of winter. I advised the customer that i understood her frustration and I would be upset as well if I were in her position. I advised the customer that we would do whatever we could to locate the part needed to repair her furnace ASAP but in the meantime we would cover the cost for her to purchase several electric heaters to stay warm in the meantime. The customer was very happy that I understood her frustration and that I resolved her issue in a timely manor. Minder

I can remain calm. When a customer starts yelling or being otherwise rude, there is nothing to be gained by responding in a similar manner. Not take it personally. ...Use my best listening skills. ...Actively sympathize. ...Apologize gracefully. .I mayFind a solution. Minder

Waiting him to finish and be calmed.

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Envision Experience

Why I was interested in that position

3 antwoorden

Because they help children

Because I love helping people in need of assistance


Woolworths (South Africa)

why should we hire you

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I think that my experience in the company and my ability to work autonomously make me a good match for this position Minder

I think that my experience in the (widget) industry and my ability to work autonomously make me a good match for this position Minder

Im hardworking young and the best choice for your company

Fred Meyer

What is your availability? When can you start?

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I stated my availability based on my schedule at the time and told them I could start immediately. Minder

July 1st 2022

A senior person who is looking for employment in the Snohomish WA area . please part time work Minder


What makes you better than other candidates?

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I said that I'm kind and that I can work well with others, but that wasn't good enough. Relate it with the company, like saying that "I can represent the company's values of customer satisfaction well, and it shows. I make sure that customers feel valued." Minder

You should hire me because i am hard working, determined, dependable, i have great time management, and I am the best at making sure customers leave happy. Minder

You should hire me because i am hard working, determined, dependable, i have great time management, and I am the best at making sure customers leave happy. Minder


Are you ready to work at Ralphs ?

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Yes !!!

I have submitted a cover letter to accompany my resume which describes that I am no stranger to grocery retail. My first job at 8:16 was a curio position for a Arden Mayfair company called food giant. I worked for them for three years and was promoted very quickly to cashier, then to stocking, and then ultimately became an assistant produce manager. The only reason I left that environment was because I was excepted to the University of Notre DameWhere I completed my bachelors and my masters degrees. After college I spent a number of years in retail management which is also on my resume. I shop at Ralph’s, I enjoy the environment and I know that I would be a valuable addition to your organization. I’m very excited about the prospect of joining the Ralph’s family and would be willing to work in any capacity whatsoever just to get my foot in the door and be given an opportunity to prove myself. Minder

Bimbo Bakeries

Do you want to work here?

3 antwoorden

Yes very much


Looking for work. Factory


Do you plan on staying with us and moving up into management? or do you have other future plans in mind? Meaning, current management has an opening and think you'd be a good fit. Only you know you've been faking smiling for them for the past year and are sick of it. What to do? ......Raise or Quit?

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That is a very stupid question to ask.

My answer will depend on the situation I am in. Currently, I am in a good postion with Allied Barton Security. If I was working with/at Safeway as a second job and they offered me a management position; I would decline, but continue working as a clerk. If Safeway was my only job, I would take it. More money will always help, and if the position truely makes you unhappy, than you can quite later. Remember, you can turn any job into a Career. But a Job will never be what you love. Minder


US Postal Service

Pass experience at the USPS?

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Didn't have any days off as a CCA !!


How would you handle a difficult customer?

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Be patient with the customer and try answering all questions with a smile

By being patient with the customer and try to answer all their questions the best I can Minder

By first and foremost remaining calm.

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