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City of Portland (Oregon)
Er werd een Parking Code Enforcement Officer gevraagd...18 november 2011

If you are faced with multiple tasks, which would you prioritize first, second and third? Time sensative task, customer impact task or internal date and time sensative task.

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Remember, Your interviewing for a City Job....that isnt really make or break customer dependant... correct anser ... Time Sensative Task is first. Minder

Time sensitive first, internal date sensitive, and then customer impact. Taking care of the time sensitive tasks first will most likely help many more customers. Minder

LAZ parking

Do I ticket people?

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Yes I sure did.

City of Boulder

Don't remember b/c all of the questions are routine. They did ask that when they do the background check, are they going to find anything and do you want to explain now.

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There was nothing I was concerned about.

Portland State University

Do you have any experience in cash handling and reconciling?

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Yes, I do have 1 year experience as a cashier.

Borough of Phoenixville

What is something you look at as one of your best qualities.

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I believe my communication skills are the best, I can connect with people on a regular basis. Minder

Inter-Con Security

There were no difficult questions for this position as you're almost a guaranteed hire if you have the proper credentials and pass the drug test.

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What king drug test do they do ?

City of Portland (Oregon)

What is your purpose?

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You mean, Universally, individually, intellectually or otherwise?

City of San Rafael

Name a time you had a difficult coworker

University of Mary Washington

What was my current job hours? To see if my other job would intefer with this one.

Ace Parking

Previous work experience?

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