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Er werd een Probation and Parole Officer gevraagd...14 juni 2017

Tell me something about yourself?

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My name is John Doe and I have Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Last year, I was a volunteer case manager for the homeless and I have experience working with justice-involved individuals. I have experience in collaborating with the local community who provides various services and support. I can adapt quickly and I enjoy helping people overcome barriers. Minder

Good morning/afternoon. I am John Doe and I am an experienced Probation Officer. I am effective at managing difficult cases and making sound, educated decisions. I was told by my colleagues and supervisors that I am creative and a practical problem solver. In my last job, I reduced recidivism from the cases I inherited ." Minder

"Thank you for this opportunity. I'm Jane Doe and I served in the US Army Veteran. I graduated with Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and I also worked as a Military Police for 4 years. I want to work as a Probation Officer for your department because I want to focus on encouraging offenders to rise above obstacles and accept life's changes. I want to teach them how to transition and become productive citizens. I look forward to working with you." Minder

Virginia Department of Corrections

There was a total of 8 questions. Each questions required a lengthy response. Most of the question has two parts answers. The questions were related to your experience and education. Also, like what would you do in certain situations. The questions were not easy however they were not as difficult as I thought they were going to be.

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What are three elements of case management

One of the questions was what would you do when you arrived at a house and you saw a gun and Marijuana on the table. Minder

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

What do you see a typical work day being like in Parole Officer?

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I said You come in look over work load go out into field and then come back in a close out work load at end of the day as far as reports and paperwork Minder

How long did it take for them to respond after the interview?

What is the role of probation

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To protect US citizens while providing resources to the parole while in the rehabilitation process. Minder

PA Board of Probation and Parole

A co-worker is committing a crime or act against policy, what do you do?

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Go to supervisor

Missouri Department of Corrections

What would be some of the things you would consider when forming a supervision plan for an offender?

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1, Age 2. Criminal History 3. Education 4. Mental Health 5. Substance Abuse 6. Employment 7. Housing 8. Family and Friends Minder

Texas Juvenile Justice Department

If you had a problem with a co-worker. How would you handle it.

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I would talk everything out with the co-worker. Find solutions together and work on the problem together. If not, go to chain of command starting with your supervisor Minder

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Do you have the ability to work independently, at times?

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Yes, I do.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

What does integrity mean to you?

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Doing whats right when no one is around and never compromising your morals or values. Minder

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

What is the mission of Texas criminal justice system.

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To ensure public safety. To Promote a positive behavior in offenders. To help reintegrate offenders into the society and assist victims of crime. Minder

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