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- biggest achievement in your career so far? - Could you work for a non-profit company? - How do you react when you have to tell someone from the business that you cannot help them with a certain issue?

What is partner enablement for you? What is the difference between training and enablement? How would you enable a partner? What metrics would you apply?

Tell us about the time when you needed to use your research skills and what kind of research you conducted and its outcomes.

question-pause-thank you , question-pause-ok, question-pause-aha no experience at all in the interview process, a 'you-want-us' mentality in stead of a dialogue

What do you know about How do you handle stressful situation and make an example

What are your goals? why do you want to work in CS? how do you see yourself in ten years?

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They mainly asked me to describe my experience and prepare a case study.

how will I use my experience within BT?

Waarom denk jij dat je goed bij de cultuur van Salesforce past en welke voorbeelden kun je hierbij aandragen?

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