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Er werd een AppleCare At Home Advisor- Partner Relations (Developer Support) gevraagd...6 januari 2016

What would you do if minutes before your shift your computer wouldn't turn on?

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Did you have a final interview with the hiring manager? Was it more technical based questions? Thanks! Minder

I haven't had it yet but once I do I will update you with the answer soon after. :) Minder

They asked me STAR questions, that I wasn't prepared for. I studied Q&A on this entire site and he didn't ask me not one of those questions. I was shocked, thrown off and didn't get the offer. I'll be better prepared next time, with recorder on and everything, lol Minder

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What kind of a plan have you developed so far to boost business relationships at the (XX) Store? Spell it out in detail.

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1. Tackle the metrics first and get them in the top 5 for the quarter. 2. Build the business team within the store to get in the habit of identifying potential business customers. 3. Identify the most critical needs of business clients for in-store training and development, then build the workshop to address those needs, and publicize them. 4. Stay flexible in identifying needs as they arise. Minder


What does an HR professional need to always maintain irrespective of role/ company

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Attitude , Discipline , focus towards the job and taking responsibility

Maintain Integrity and the commitments

Integrity and confidentiality while not letting one effect it personally.

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Are you familiar with the roads in the city?

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Yes I am

Yes am familiar with Lagos road

Yes I am familiar with Lagos roads

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DXC Technology

How do you keep track of the things in the age of fast changing technologies?

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Spreadsheet at home; Database at work.

Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

Simple is the best. Keep things tracking in basic programs(ex: office) in which suitable to import/ export or adhoc or extensed to any other program Minder


what is formula of velocity of light ?

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What a stupid question! What does that have to do with anything?



Explain database and its features to an 8 year old

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Can you please mention other questions

I will respect their NDAs, the prep document they share is quite extensive and help you achieve on the interviews. I’d recommend study on the items on that document you’ll be ready. Minder

can you please tell us about the questions you got from the hiring manager?


You have 15 minutes to talk to a CIO with 5 major initiatives you need to solve for them. What do you do?

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You can't possibly solve any of them in 15 minutes. This question is not about you solving the problems, it is about you engaging with the CIO. Ask questions (start with what is documented, what's been done, what's in process, etc.) about the 5 to learn as much as you can in 10 minutes then discuss next actions (yours and the CIOs) to move analysis forward in the remaining 5 minutes. How can you engage the CIO, help focus the 5 issues (and concisely document them if they haven't already been documented), and if possible prioritize. Unfortunately, there probably is not one you can work on while you let the remaining 4 wait. Ask for another meeting as soon as possible. This is not a test of your ability to solve any of these problems. Minder

Hit them with that "WIIFM". If you're sales you know what this means, if not google it. Minder

Uncover most important initiative.

Barrett Business Services

The interviewer wanted to know if I was comfortable with a strong degree of autonomy in the role. They are seeking professionals who don't require a lot of hand holding, that are comfortable making decisions and taking responsibility, but are also aligned with the company's vision and purpose.

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This is clearly a review posted on glass door by upper management. The attempt to put such a total positive spin on specific topics that have repeatedly been pointed out by others is almost sad. The language used in straight out of BBSI corporate "pep-talk training" meetings. Minder

Sounds like BBSI is attempting to paint a better image through online BS like this - they are in the midst of another round of "audits' (code for ongoing federal investigation) and are attempting to make themselves look great. Anyone who has REALLY been interviewed by BBSI and especially anyone who has REALLY worked for them will post a much different image of a dreadful company run by unfit manager who dive by fear and thrive on discontent. Minder

The idea of having a high degree of autonomy really resonated for me because I think it fosters greater accountability which I personally believe is what drives success. Minder


Regarding my previous employment experience.

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Answered with lots of details regarding my daily activities.

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