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Er werd een Office Manager-Parts Clerk gevraagd...28 juni 2012

Are you willing to learn how to do repair work?

2 antwoorden

I can not stand getting greasy, I thought to myself. Outloud, i readily agreed!

Yes, most definitely

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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That was a tough answer because I live for today. I never used to think past that. Minder

Happily married, possibly running my own business while studying for my masters degree in business administration Minder

Epic Aircraft

What did you do to prepare for this interview today?

1 antwoorden

Not much… I think I said “I showered”. Maybe they thought I was unprepared.

Textron Aviation

What can you offer to the parts department?

1 antwoorden

Hard dedicated work

PSA Airlines

Some people don’t follow regulations, have you ever had an experience where this was and issue? What did you do about it and what was the outcome?

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I sat the person/ people I was having the issue with and talked to them and explained why we have regulations. The outcome was successful because they appreciated the time taken to help them understand the issue. Minder

Flowers Foods

How do you find a part number from a removed part a technician brought in?

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Normally a piece of equipment has a schematic/blueprint and it should have a parts replace list. You take this to material planning with the vendor from the approved vendor list. Minder


What happened to your previous position?

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The company closed the facility and discontinued manufacturing products.

Penske Truck Leasing

name 2 people in the public eye, past or present that you admire and why.

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16-18 Dollars per hr

Innovative Labs

If I got a long well with others and if I was a team player

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I told them yes

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