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Er werd een Patient Care Advocate gevraagd...31 augustus 2013

Your degree is in an unrelated field. It seems like you started going down a certain path. What made you want to get into this field and why did you change your career goals?

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I can't really speak for Orlando, but the temp agency for Tampa started you at $11/hr. Once they officially hired me, that went to $12.50ish. After your 90 day probation, that went to about $13.60. If you stay a PCA, you can expect about a 5% pay increase every year. If you distinguish yourself and move up in position, you can get into other departments and make even more. Personally, I've been there less than a year and now make about $16/hr. Minder

what was the pay range like for this position?..I am in the Orlando area and was thinking about applying but the reviews are not so good.... Minder

I got into "Unrelated Field" because I wanted to help people. This position would be just a different method of achieving the same goal. Minder


All interviews consisted of going through resume in great detail. I was also asked some behavioral questions in the 2nd interview. In the final interview, they asked 2 simple questions. I also conducted a presentations in all three 3 interviews.

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Any way of getting in contact with you, in regards to this matter? Thanks!!!

Yes.... If you give me some contact message, I can send you a message. I'm not sure how to do this privately through Glassdoor but if you leave it here, I can talk with you. Minder

I thought this process was strange. It started off very positively but the final interview really disappointed me. They were 20 minutes late bringing me in and then glossed over my resume, asked 1 question, had me do my presentation and then asked me 2 other questions. They asked if I had any questions at that point. I had several due to the fact that that they had invited me back for another position. Every question I asked, they didn't seem to have a good answer for and didn't know how to answer. They cut the interview off early. I knew at that time either they must have been going through formality of the interview process or they had someone else in mind. I'm confused why they brought be back for this interview (even though it was for a position I was really excited to do... even more than the first position I had originally interviewed for) but didn't give me true, solid chance. Seemed to just be a general waste of time. Minder

Cardon Outreach

All standard questions

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Interview was in noisy hotel lobby, and one interviewer was late.

Interview was in noisy hotel lobby, and one interviewer was late. Very unprofessional Minder

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In my exit interview I was asked to give a statement on the company. I told them I had far too much respect for the customers to treat them they way this company was asking me to. 'For Profit' Healthcare only cares about their bottom line and not the health of their customers or their employees.

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The future of healthcare will be the equivalent of textile mills in the early 20th century. Your life needs yo be in YOUR hands and not in the hands of Big Pharma! Minder

in my hands

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What makes you a good fit for the position

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I am skilled as a CNA and enjoy working with people

I am willing to learn fast and pick up the skills needed to preform my job duties. Minder

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Can you handle stress?

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I can.


No difficult questions.

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No. They just ask you what are you looking for. One thing they emphasized was that they pay "well". $50k and up. Minder

Did they tell you the salary range on this position?

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Name a time you went above and beyond to help a customer.

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I got the offer for the job completed the onboarding class does anyone no when am I suppose to receive information to take the drug test? Minder

I received the drug screening email about two days after accepting the job offer online. The title of the email was "Express Scripts Employment Screening Information." Minder

Willamette Dental Group

What is your long team plans

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To work with a growing company that takes stock in their employees. I did not want to be just a number. Minder

To perform an excellent scientific research that is useful to mankind

Innovative Healthcare Systems

What type of person do you dislike?

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I personally do not people that aren't grateful for the things they have.

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