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Er werd een Patient Care Technician gevraagd...9 december 2016

It was a lot of behavioral based questions. Ex: tell me about a time where you were in competition with a co worker. Tell me about a time where you had to take on more responsibility than what was in your job description

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When I had to take more responsibility than what was in my job description was when we were short handed at the clinic and I took over as the front desk and also helped triage patients before being seen by the doctor Minder

Be on time in order to fulfill

I have to take make sure the patient comfortable that my responsibility

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Do you think about a nursing career in the future?

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Yes that has always been my goal, it will enable me to give more care to those in need Minder


Yes l do it has always been my wish l am passionate about care.

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Northwell Health

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself. 2. What characteristics do you possess that you believe you would be good for this job?

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1. Myself megha, residing at India. Done my schooling s from Presentation higher secondary school, completed diploma in Medical Transcription from Keltron. Married nd have a 3 year old baby. Working as medical transcriptor in Starcare health hospital. 2. Good language, good knowledge about medical terms, speed nd ease in typing Minder

Work when I ask to when short of staff

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Bluebird Care

How many years experience I have as a care worker?

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1 Year

I have worked for 5 years

I answered the duration that I have worked for.

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Ochsner Health

How do I handle multitasking in the work place?

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and be responsible with your job be on time

do your job according you leaned

I do like to work as a team

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Dialysis Clinic Inc

What do you need in a supervisor in order to succeed?

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supervisor to be firm on his job and responsibilities

Communication at all time

Communication is good

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How would you deal with telling a customer no?

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The. Customer is always right. I would assist the customer look for the item and after not finding the item I would have the department Manager check in the back and then offer substitutions. If that is unacceptable I would check nearby Kroger’s. Minder

I wouldn't tell them no bluntly, I would understand their request and then talk to the nurse in charge, telling them what the patient thinks he/she might need. Minder

Well, you never say "no" to a customer. I would just offer alternative solutions. Example, if they want fresh peaches and we don’t have them, offer the frozen ones or maybe even canned ones? Minder

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Parkland Health & Hospital System

Describe your self.

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Am a nurse by profession,

Am a nurse by profession,

Am a nurse by profession,

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Morton Plant Hospital

What shift would you like to work?

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I would like to work morning shift

Full time

I would like to work any shifts

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St. David's HealthCare

Briefly introduce yourself and why you want this position at St. David's Healthcare

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Hi my name is Liliana, I go by Lili. I just moved to Texas and in the market for a great new facility to work in. Minder

I recently moved to Austin. I left a position at County Hospital after 10 years. I'm looking to go back to work. Minder

I worked at Santa Clara County Valley Medical for over 10 years. I recently moved to Austin Texas because my husband was offered a position with his company. I've heard wonderful things about saint David's healthcare from local people sounds like a good place to work. Minder

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