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Er werd een PATIENT RELATIONS Representative gevraagd...23 juni 2016

What would you do/how would you prioritize if there was a client at the front window with a crisis, the phone was ringing, and there were emails being pinged to you in a constant stream? How does this scenario make you feel?

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Did you ever receive any follow up?

I stated that I remain calm and focused in chaotic and/or stressful situations. I stated that I would immediately deal with the client in crisis and once that was finished, answer the phone, then address the emails. Minder

Why do you want to work here?

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I want to get into the Healthcare Industry

DentalOne Partners

What is it that we can expect you to bring to the table that no one else will?

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I was honest. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I love dentistry! I have a combination of twenty years in the dental field with excellent communication skills and the ability to provide patients with outstanding customer service. Minder

Tucson Medical Center

Have you ever worked in Patient Relations

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DecisionOne Dental Partners

How you can be valuable for the company

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List dental experience

Sabates Eye Centers

They asked me if I was considering going back to my former employer.

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They asked me if I was considering going back to my former employer.


Why do you want to work here? What do you like, how do you like working with your team? The usual general questions.

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I said that I liked my co-workers, doctors and my team mates. I was already doing the job and keeping pace with everything so they could see my work ethic prior to hiring me. Minder

Northside Hospital

Tell me how would you handle an irate patient or family member?

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I would listen, take ownership, apologize and take steps to help rectify the situation if possible. Minder

Amicus Medical Centers

How do i deal with irate patients/members/customers?

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Allow them to express their concern, pinpoint concern and offer assistance.

Med Center Therapy

Do you have any kids?

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Yes, I have one child. She is never sick, I have a sitter around the clock 24/7, and she has never missed a day of school she she began. Minder

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