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United Urology Group
Er werd een Patient Relations Specialist gevraagd...14 november 2023

Tell me about a time you exceed a customer’s expectations? Describe a difficult interaction with a customer? Describe a time you had a difficult interaction with co-worker? How did you contributed to your team? Describe a time you faced a challenge and how did you deal with that situation.. and so on..

Surgical Notes

What are some things that help you stay organized or help you have good time management skills?

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I personally have love sticky notes. I also have a paper planner for how I would like to go through my day to make sure everything is getting done is a good time effective manner. Minder

University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics

Why do you want to work here.

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I like to help people and I enjoy healthcare.

General interview questions regarding previous work experience.

First Physicians Group of Sarasota

How would you describe yourself

Surgical Notes

One of the questions asked was how I would handle a difficult customer.

Oak Street Health

Do you have knowledge of open enrollment?

Steven H Dayan, MD

General questions about experience and about me

Sabates Eye Centers

They asked me if I was considering going back to my former employer.

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They asked me if I was considering going back to my former employer.

Oak Street Health

The interview was more of a conversation rather than questions

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