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Early Warning Services
Er werd een Penetration Tester gevraagd...21 maart 2016

How do you start metasploit?

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Type msfconsole in terminal. To launch it with a resource script, mfsconsole -r nameofscript.rc Minder


Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Why HP?

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Because HP stands for Happy Place.

This looks so good:


What would you like to do in five years from now?

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After five years i am ceo of your company .

This was a tricky question. The manager wanted to see if my answer is in line with the career path offered by the advanced security group at E n Y Minder


Technical question: networking security, application security, general penetration testing. Behavioural question: How to work in a group?, How it lead a team?, etc

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hey hello "> hey"> hey '> /> hey


Early Warning Services

Is DNS TCP / UDP protocol?

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It's a trick questions. It is both


What is the main difference between processes and threads?

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Threads share the same memory allocated


What vulnerabilities could you find in a website?

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Front end vulnerabilities that could be bypassed easily in some cases by eliminating javascript code or back end vulnerabilities such as unsanitized input. Minder


Please explain your career and what you hope to gain at Smartsheet

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Explain my career: - Identify vulnerability as much as possible (in scope) - Recommend to other team how to fix the issue What I hope to gain at Smartsheet?: Ans: Well, all of my penetration tester experience I work at vendor company. I never work at customer company before. I want to challenge myself that all of experience that work with multiple type of customer organization could improve the security at Smartsheet. Minder

Axxum Technologies

Name some of the top 10 OWASP Web Application Vulnerabilities and describe them in layman's terms.

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I named the top one SQL Injection, the third, XXS and one of the lower ones CSRF. I could have done a better job describing them - I was told in a phone call afterwards. Minder

1. What ports are used for Active Directory?

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At the time, Offensive Security of pre-2019 did not teach us Active Directory, but I quickly learned that since AD is built on top of standard SMB (Server Message Block), you can use techniques like overpassing-the-hash and passing-the-ticket to get a TGT (Ticket Granting Ticket), then attempt to crack the hashes of a different user that may be domain-joined. By compromising the other domain-joined user, you can then begin enumerating other users of the domain and hopefully leak information from the domain controller. Furthermore, you can use malicious SMB shares to spread malware as hta macro payloads in Word documents to trick the client's employees into loading them. Outside of using tools like Responder to coordinate with SMB relays, or generating MOF files and adding them to the share, or using SMB named pipe exploits to compromise domain-joined users as a non-domain-joined user. Minder

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