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Harbour Healthcare
Er werd een Human Resources People Partner gevraagd...27 juli 2020

What would I implement over the next 12 months to help improve the business

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With a 12 month recruitment strategy based on the employee life cycle

MOD Pizza

Tell me about a time when you had to influence a senior manager and how did you handle it.

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I have always worked collaboratively with managers I have supported, gaining their trust. When laying out all the facts and risk factors, we would decide together the best course of action to take in a situation. Minder

MOD Pizza

Asked about prior HR examples

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Associate relation examples


Talk to me what sort of strategies you have put into place?

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Used specific examples from my CPG experience


A great selection of skills, and personality questions.

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Apparently, very well.


You learn that due to a recent departure, an entire group is at risk for attrition. The details are sparse, but you know that many people feel they cannot speak to executive leadership and are feeling demotivated in their roles. The recent departure was their direct manager, and for the interim period, they are reporting into their c-level executive.

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Submitted three page response


What can you bring to Facebook that nobody else can?

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Passion for meeting new people, enjoy collaborating with people, am told I have the ability to get along with pretty much everyone I meet. Minder


How do you address confrontational conversations and push back?

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Confrontation stems from a confidence minded conversation with a strong inflection of emotion. If you have the innate ability to show you care, you can withdrawal the emotion from what you are trying to convey whilst still demonstrating confidence in what you are communicating. In doing so, you can be rest assured, most conversations won't come off as confrontational. In regards to continuous pushback, look for areas of the business that do not apply to what you are trying to get approved or the buy in you are trying to achieve. Utilize thought minded leadership and look for areas that create a buy in of trust based off of that innate ability showing you care. After demonstrating that ability, the buy in you are seeking is easily given and pushback doesn't happen as often. Minder


Can you work with staff from different race and nationalities?

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I was born and raised in community of various races and even in our company, we used to dealt with staff from various countries that require different approach Minder


Why do you want this?

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Interested in the company and role, etc.

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