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Kaiser Permanente
Er werd een Pharmacy Clerk gevraagd...17 maart 2015

tell me about a time when a supervisor gave you negative feedback.

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If I am given negative feedback, I would like to find out why my supervisor felt that way. Once I have more information, I will try to be more objective and see what I did that was wrong. If I was wrong, I would like to stand corrected. I would thank the supervisor for bringing it to my attention. I would promise myself and my supervisor that I will work on it, I will improve on it, and make sure next time he/she wont have any reason to give me negative feedback. Minder

did you ever hear back from them?!

Duane Reade

Our starting salary is $8/ hr and will eventually increase in 6 months with good performance. You are allowed one 15-min break and an unpaid 30min lunch break in a shift of more than 7hours. Will this be fine?

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CVS Health

This was a low-paid, entry-level position so I was not quite expecting the "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" question. Absolutely standard question but it was about the only one that gave me pause.

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Upon taking the job I could see why it was asked- the majority of the staff in that position has been there longer than five years. I suppose they're looking for some type of loyalty answer. Minder


Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Working for a company that makes a difference and stands by their workers and clients. Minder

Kaiser Permanente

How do you handle an irate customer for waiting in line so long?

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apologize you ask him what wrong, try to solve it and ask if there’s anything else we can assist with , and if it continues, get the manager Minder

Giant Food

What is the number one rule in customer service?

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The customer is always right.


Share your experience how you made someone in your family/ a friend / a coworker or customer’s day.

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I shared a real life event that happened with one of my family members and how I helped them Minder


"How would you incourage difficult customers to use "our" services?"

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"By informing patients of our services for positive health."

Duane Reade

There's a dress code required. No tattoos are to show, they must be covered at all times in the store. Will this be a problem?

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Do you have previous experience in retail?

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No retail experience, however I have volunteered at my church when we do events and we must be able to do the skills that retail workers do. Minder

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