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CVS Pharmacy
Er werd een Pharmacy Clerk gevraagd...18 augustus 2023

Tell me about yourself, explain a difficult situation and what you have done to resolve it.

Costco Wholesale

My knowledge about skin care and I have a certification in skin care

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I shared my knowledge about facial anatomy and skin layers


What interested you about this position?

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The possibility of growth within several departments.

Kaiser Permanente

Strengths/Weakness, about myself, why I left my previous job, why I'm good for this role, etc


What is your availability, and can you work weekends?

Thirty Madison

Are you familiar with Thirty Madison? What interests you about this position? Do you have your ptcb certification? Are you interested in becoming certified? When can you start?


Tell me a time when you had to deal with a difficult person.


They asked if you are bilingual.

Kaiser Permanente

Why do you want to work for Kaiser?

Kaiser Permanente

Are you comfortable lifting up to 50 lbs?

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