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Remedy Informatics
Er werd een PHP Programmer gevraagd...26 maart 2009

I was given a logic question where you have 5 balls. One of the balls is heavier than the others. What's the fewest number of times you have to compare weights to figure out which ball is heavier.

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three pick any two and compare then with any other two if equal weight then the fifth ball is the one else take the heavier lot and compare the two ball if equal weight then the fifth ball is the one otherwise comparethe heavier ball with the fifth ball Minder

2. Pick 2 compare them if(heaviest != there) continue to the next batch. If(heaviest not there). The remaining one is the heaviest. Minder

I believe the answer was e. I think I decided on three.

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They'll put you in a room to answer questions pertaining to the position. However, there staff are .NET programmers trying to learn Magento. The questions they're asking is to help their team deal with existing problems with their code; they have no intention hiring you. You're brought into the process for "intelligence gathering", to solve existing issues for the mess they coded.

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At the end of the final interview the CIO said he wanted me on the team. We discussed compensation and benefits, and that I would start the week after. Needless to say, the next day I get an email from their secretary saying that they had chosen someone else. On the day they offered to me the position, I had cancelled all my up-coming interviews. Left a bad taste in my mouth after the experience. Minder

I was there when you were interviewing. Indeed, that's what they were doing. They needed someone to fix their magento code but didn't want to call in consultants. Minder

Past experiences in programming. Greatest achivement

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Answered with a list of freelance projects and cited my experience as a sysadmin. Minder

Apollo Interactive

Write a loop that takes POST data and creates dynamic variables on the fly.

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I hope the lead developer doesnt do this. Register_globals was turned off for a reason... Minder


Qual a sua experência com SCRUM?

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Contei um pouco do que conheço sobre.

Entrata India

indexing in database

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A database index is a data structure that improves the speed of operations in a table. Indexes can be created using one or more columns, providing the basis for both rapid random lookups and efficient ordering of access to records. Minder

Apollo Interactive

Write a SQL statement to construct this table with these options.

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I dont know who writes these statements anymore since it is so much easier to create a table via a GUI in SQL Server or phpMyadmin for MySQL. Minder


Segundo a gerente o qual solicitou a vaga, ela me informou se eu me adaptaria bem trabalhando em ferramentas ao qual eu não estou acostumado.

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Disse que se a ferramenta fosse de acordo com os meus objetivos eu aprenderia e me adaptaria facilmente, caso contratio não. Minder

Aries Group

1. Tell about the technologies used in previous company 2.Tell about the projects worked with in previous company

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Easy task

Syntrio Technologies

They told me to write few sql queries

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i wrote them.

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