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Energy Transfer
Er werd een Pipeline Engineer gevraagd...10 juni 2016

Questions focused mainly on handling the pace and workload.

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Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this: bit.ly/faang100

Experience under fire is a good qualifier.

Cordoba Corporation

Describe related experience, desired salary.

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Previous intern experience.


How to plan and manage pigging activities pipeline leak repair, and welding technology

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my answers were OK by them

LHP Engineering Solutions

Can you describe a though situation in which you had to react in your life?

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I described the process I went through while choosing my actual car.


Tell me more in depth about what have you done according to your CV. For example, writing a specification

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I think this is quite a general questions and i don;t really know where to start. However, i've just briefly describe the working process between me and my previous lead. E.g i would prepare specification based on some go-bys documents from shell, and my lead would check it and issue it if he is happy with it. Also, i've given training to the junior engineers regarding usage of certain softwares. Minder

Michelin North America

Tell me about your biggest struggle and how you overcame it?

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Personal story - was well received.


Many questions about machine learning concepts and main libraries/frameworks

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I am not an expert in the area, so I believe a clear understanding of terminologies and awareness of the landscape were essential. Minder


What do you do when the pipeline is bouyant?

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There are many ways to solve this. We can either increase its weight by increasing wall thickness and/or concrete weight coating. Minder

Indian Oil Adani Gas

Asked about 3rd year project and any internship experiences

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Indian Oil Adani Gas

Introduce Yourself

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Told them about prior education and background.

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