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Er werd een Police Dispatcher gevraagd...15 augustus 2018

Describe a stressful situation and how you dealt with it. Why are you interested in being a police dispatcher?

San Diego State University

They asked me if I have ever been in an situation where I have to tell my confront a co worker.

Socorro ISD

You receive a call about a child drowning at the Aquatic center, at the same time one of your officers gets into a major motor vehicle accident. You only have one unit. Which event would you dispatch your police unit?

2 antwoorden

Child drowning

Call for mutual aide and send the one unit to the drowning child

City of Manteca

If you could smell alcohol on a coworker what would you do?


What do you think being a Police Dispatcher entails and how do you have experience or training to help you in this position?


What would you do if co-workers were talking too loud during an interview with a citizen?


Are you ok with working nights, weekends, and holidays.


Tell us about your work experience and how it relates to this position


Why would you like to work for Bart?


They will give you 3 scenarios to rate order of importance and why

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