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Admiral Security
Er werd een Special Police Officer gevraagd...15 juli 2015

Name three things you consider as great customer service.

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Quick thinking

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Metropolitan Police Service

What would you do if you heard, your colleague racially abusive to someone?

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Report it!

I would remind them of there role as a police officer the core values of public service, and that they are role models to the public and report it. Then apologies to the victim. Minder

I shall try and establish the cause as to what bring the abuser to racially abuse the abusee. Secondly, should reprimanded by the seniors after I have reported the matter to them. I can also give some sort of emotionally assistance to the abusee since she /he will be going through a lot at that time.. I can even further suggest to the management to remove either victim or abuser to different places Minder

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Dallas Police Department-Texas

What would you do if your partner was shot.

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Call for available Officers to the scene put out a description of the suspect over the radio. Make sure I try to stop the bleeding. Minder

Send suppressive fire if necessary, drag my partner to safety while calling for additional units, EMS for a downed officer, additional EMS if suspect is wounded/ incapacitated, giving suspect description to dispatch, apply needed combat casualty care, ie. tourniquet, pressure dressing, chest seal if shot in the chest. secure the scene if necessary Minder

My partner is down i need backup and a ambulance

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Why do you want to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs Police Service?

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I want to join the department of veteran becouse it'll help change carreer I'am currently working for the department of correction Minder

I want to work for the Department of Veteran, Becouse its chanleging and it'll provide a different expirence I'am currently working in correcti. Minder

The Veterans have given so much. I want to give to those that have provided the very freedom I indulge myself in every day. I can never express the gratitude I have for them. It's my way of giving back. Minder

US Department of Veterans Affairs

What makes you qualified for this job.

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Depends on your qualifications

This depends on what cualifications your looking for

I'am qualified for this job becouse Iam open minded and a good listener ,learn quick and strong caracter I deal with different situation every day in correction , this is why i think I'am Cualified! Minder

Admiral Security

Name three things about yourself?

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Hard worker


City of Jacksonville

Experience and education

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I had customer service experience and a Bachelors in Criminal justice

Are you in Jackson, MS or Jax,FL? You seriously had to take a polygraph?

Jacksonville FL, and yes. Over 200+ questions before you actually took it.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

The interview was nothing short of an interrogation. As with any law-enforcement agency they will dive into your entire past history pretty much from birth to present date

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Answer all questions truthfully


Dallas Police Department-Texas

You show up to a burglary call, your partner gets shot and falls to the ground while the burglar runs away. What do you do?

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I would attend to my partner that has been shot. Once I have attended to my partner that has been shot, depending on how bad the situation is and If he needs medical attention. I would call it in as an officer down, suspect on the run, and I would try to give a brief description of the suspect so my fellow officers could apprehend the suspect. Minder

The answers i provided were scrutinized while the interviewers yelled at me and criticized my decisions. Eventually I said that I am not familiar with the policies and procedures but I am trainable and then I would be confident that I can take the appropriate action. Minder

Northeast State Technical Community College

What knowledge did I have about the Clery Act?

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I had no experience with the Clery Act and did not know how it affected law enforcement on a college campus. Minder

The Clery Act applies to college campuses in regards to crimes that are associated with the college, regardless if they were on, next, or off campus. It requires colleges to distribute and educate people about crime on campus each year as a measure of prevention. Minder

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