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Duke University Health System
Er werd een Health Center Administrator/Practice Manager gevraagd...6 maart 2016

How well you get alone with others. Huh, I was a social worker for 7 years, a Practice Manager for 15 years and have been in departments when I had to supervise up to 30 people. Really that's the type of questions you ask me.

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Yes these people are over kill and their pay system is week for such a large system. Do your research with them because you will jump through hoops without the pay. Minder

LMAO, these people passed up a Practice Manager with 20 years of experience and the person they hired lasted 2 months on the job. Wow, told you these people are overkill and just don't get it. I am so happy they passed me over because I got a job at John Hopkins in Florida. Minder

As a social worker with 7 years of experience and a Practice Manager with 15 years of experience I get alone well with others. Minder

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Dr. Paul J. Styrt Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry

How do you handle conflict

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Very gently and only after getting all of the facts.

Great Expressions Dental Centers

What is your compensation expectation?

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I want to learn more the job first

Tufts University

Asked if I was ready to put my hard hat on

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Asked If I ever had problem employees. Asked what salary requirements were. Discussed my past work experience.

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Yes described issues and offered ideas of resolutions, answered all questions ask of me. Minder

Heartland Dental

Tell me about yourself? What is your pet peeve? 5 things you like and dislike at your current job? How would your bff describe you?

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pretty much talk about your personality, what you like to do. Hobbies? Passion?

Intermountain Health

behavioral interview questions

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Will great skill.......

Dynamic Dental Partners Group

What interested me to apply to Dynamic Dental Partners Group?

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While I was unfamiliar with the group name, I was very familiar with the Dentist, who has a wonderful reputation in our area. Minder

I was asked to describe my management style.

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I described my expectation to lead by example, keep open communication, and make informed decisions based on the resources available. Minder

Frontier Health

- What is your biggest strength? - What is your biggest weakness? - What is your biggest professional accomplishment? - What is your pet peeve? - Describe your work history. - Describe a time where you did not agree with your supervisor. - Describe a time where you interacted with a disgruntled co-worker/customer. - If your suggestion was shot down by the rest of the managers, how would you respond? These weren't all of the questions, but just some that I can recall.

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It is probably best that I don't fill your head with what I answered with as I didn't receive a job offer. ;P I hope this best helps you prepare for the interview! :) Best of luck! Minder

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