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York International Agency
Er werd een Senior Vice President, Benefit Practice Leader gevraagd...13 augustus 2021

A question I was asked repeatedly was "Why do you want to work for York?"

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York's confidence and determination to remain an independent agency and its reputation for excellence in all areas. I also had the advantage of working with York as a vendor in a previous role and knew York was a company with very high standards and great integrity. Minder

Sales Benchmark Index

What do you believe the strategy for this practice should be, and how will you build it?

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I followed the SBI Corporate Strategy Framework (as instructed), but focused my presentation around 3 key questions: (1) What should the strategy be (i.e. who should we target and why); (2) How do we go to market and win; and (3) How do we deliver on the strategy Minder

KCI Technologies

Can you start tomorrow? (I had hoped to give two weeks notice)

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No, I have to give notice to my current employer.


Without question, asking for a business plan with a one week turnaround.

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I understand the request to a degree. Just can't reconcile the timeline and what they could have hoped to get out of it. Minder

The Newport Group

In depth inquiry into what and how I did what I claimed on my resume. The who, what and why of the choices I'd made with prior employment changes. What was I great at? Why did I want to be an executive search professional?

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I told the truth about what I'd done. I explained the motivation and wisdom of the career decisions I've made. I'm determined and persistent, if not great. I'm consistently driven to do good and make a positive difference in the careers of every individual I have the opportunity to advise. Minder

Magic Hat Consulting

What is your ideal job?

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One that utilizes my leadership and mentorship skills to advance the organization. Minder


Please describe your technical experience.

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(This question is too generic to be useful, and irrelevant to the business development role I was interviewing for). Minder

PLG Consulting

Why do you want this job?

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I want the opportunity to build my own business.


What I felt I liked doing more, working hands-on with clients and team on projects or business development and marketing?

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I enjoy both actually having spent the last 20+ years of my career identifying project opportunities, leading the be and marketing efforts 6+ months to 2 years out to ensure position to win, developing presentation for interview, then actually working on the project delivering those objectives one promises in the interview and subsequent programming meetings. Minder

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Questions about my HR internship experience

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I described the activities I performed and my responsibilities

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