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Duke University Health System
Er werd een Health Center Administrator/Practice Manager gevraagd...6 maart 2016

How well you get alone with others. Huh, I was a social worker for 7 years, a Practice Manager for 15 years and have been in departments when I had to supervise up to 30 people. Really that's the type of questions you ask me.

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Yes these people are over kill and their pay system is week for such a large system. Do your research with them because you will jump through hoops without the pay. Minder

LMAO, these people passed up a Practice Manager with 20 years of experience and the person they hired lasted 2 months on the job. Wow, told you these people are overkill and just don't get it. I am so happy they passed me over because I got a job at John Hopkins in Florida. Minder

As a social worker with 7 years of experience and a Practice Manager with 15 years of experience I get alone well with others. Minder

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Banfield Pet Hospital

When did you fail as a leader initially and had to adjust your style to fix the issue?

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When I began my shift lead position, I had to adjust to giving orders, and some people had expressed that I was bossy. I spoke with my managers and talked about better ways to assign tasks, without making it sound rude or demeaning. Minder

When I was a cheerleading coach.

I had a situation in my first leadership position where I took a very authoritative approach to leading my team and I failed miserably. After I was counseled by an important mentor of mine, I learned that my singular approach to leading was incorrect and that I needed to adjust my leadership style to each of my team members' needs. After learning what motivated each of my team members, I became a more effective leader and was able to lead a cohesive team. Minder


Tell me about yourself?

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If course gave my experience, ect.

I have several years experience with interaction of doctors and community involvement. I thrive on perfection and work extremely hard to accomodate deadlines and business goals. Minder

DaVita Medical Group

accomplishments of last role and how it was achieved

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I didn't mean to vote negatively. I'm sorry, my mistake.

education, description of programs implemented and how

None; the interviewer did not plan enough time and seemed rushed during the interview

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I had a similar experience.

Benchmark HR Solutions

Best day ever

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Every day

Envision Healthcare

Interview questions were standard questions you can find off google

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Standard responses were sufficient

Associates In Ophthalmology

All of the interview questions were very standard. I was asked about my experience in practice management and clinical management. I was also asked about how I might respond as a manager to various issues that might arise.

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I answered all questions honestly and the COO thought I answered the questions well as I received a job offer within a few days. Minder

American Dental Partners

What is my management style?

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I wasn’t the right Skin complexion so it didn’t matter what I said or how much experience I had. Minder

Veeva Systems

They were pretty standard questions.

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Bone up on situational questions.

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