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Shine Lawyers
Er werd een Legal Practice Manager gevraagd...21 mei 2023

About my court experience and management experience

Excela Health

General healthcare and leadership questions

BJC HealthCare

Walk me through your resume

Southcoast Health System

Why am I leaving my current position?

Meritas Health

Why do you want to change careers?

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I answered the questions honestly.

MedStar Health

What ideas do you have to increase the amount of no show appointments?

IVC Evidensia

Dealing with customers, difficult customers. Generalised HR Debt management Inspiring and guiding teams Difficult instances and how you over come Moments/mile stones you are proud of


Why would you be good for this position?

One Medical

What is your leadership style?

Willamette Dental Group

Can you think of a time you implement change and how the team received it?

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I implement a change in a communication process and provided guidance to the team to follow procedures and explained how this would benefit the entire team. I continuously thanked them for embracing the change. Minder

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