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Er werd een Presales Manager gevraagd...25 februari 2021

Mainly about previous exp and role

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Details about the previous role and accounts worked on


Explain current projects and how you handled conflicts

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I told about my big projects and explain technical solution

Polaris FT

experience and skills review was conducted using scenario based questions, which were very specific and to the point

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banked on my real time experience in bid management and presales


Previous Experience and Could I make sales collateral

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Dell Technologies

How you handle and motivate your partners

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I more involve with partners and provide more and more technical training to partners so that they become more familiar with technology and sells become more easy. Minder

Kasturi Housing

How compatible are you with making 60-70 calls per day ?

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I am comfortable with making 60-70 calls per day


CV based questions

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About me in detail

Uneecops Technologies

Q. What does SAP B1 lack in companies which are into Process Manufacturing and Pharma domain?

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A. SAP B1 lacks recipe module, which is very significant for companies which are into the manufacturing of Food, chemicals, paints, as well as developing drugs. There is not much controlling or validations on the development of a certain product, also supplement fact sheets and Nutritional labeling associated with USDA codes linked to products is also lacking for food manufacturing industries. Minder

Cornerstone OnDemand

Only background questions, salary expectations, relocation/travel questions. Nothing unexpected or out of norm for a screening.

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Yes nothing problem

CtrlS Datacenter

Tell about the previous experience

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