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What is Critical Path of a project

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The longest process path on the Project plan. Even one process on the critical can't be omitted. Each and every process on the critical path depends on predecessor.

Case study presentation

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Wat zijn uw drijfveren en wat denk u aan de functie te kunnen toevoegen?

What are your KPI’s. How are they measured. What tracking system do you use, etc. and general questions about my background

Implement a weather App consuming an API, with more than 12 functionalities, which must be pixel perfect on all kinds of iPhones and iPads in both orientations. In the end, only the UI counts, so don't waste your time trying to come with optimized or nice complex solutions.

Initial phone screening (Non-tech) followed by an assignment.

Why do you want to join Mobiquity? All other questions were prepared especially for me by my interviewers, so posting them wouldn't be relevant to other candidates.