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Er werd een Principal Data Scientist gevraagd...3 oktober 2019

Various low level questions about SQL, probability theory, Python. Practical application of knowledge - this is a business problem we had, how would you design a solution? etc.

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After 10+ years as a working data scientist, I was not expecting a basic statistics final exam, nor questions regarding experience regarding the deployment of models into hosted environments. Minder

Hello, Have you heard back from them after the on-site interview? If you did, how long have you been waiting? Minder

Twentieth Century Studios

Guy 1: (simple Bayes theorem question).

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Correct answer.


1) Coding Challenge. Typical Hackrank questions 2) Data Munging problem 3) Prediction Problem

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Hello, Could you tell me what is the typical Hackrank question ? Is it like dynamic / greedy programming ? Do you think it is hard compared to other Hackrank problems ? Minder

Capital One

Case study: How will you allocate resources in a call center? What do we learn from demand and supply? Will go after precission or Recall for such a case as a check on your model?

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The take home project was about predicting fraud in credit card transaction data set. Minder

Capital One

Describe how do you use CNN as your project? How difficult it is to explain the feature importance in deep neural networks.

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What are the Shapley values?

Capital One

Big emphasis on machine learning

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What was your role play topic? flight delay ? or it has changed lately ?


GIT: I have made 2 commits, but I want to merge both commits as just one to the origin branch. How do I do that ?

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I would use git rebase


I was asked to lead a conference call with an external academic expert, to design a 'gamified' approach to the Walmart smartphone app, to structure and moderate a brainstorming session with several teams, to design a number of prototyping/testing programs, and asked many many questions. Remember, this all took place over one 9.5 hour session and another 5-day session!

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I am comfortable doing these things because I have done them many times before. I was asked a lot about why I would want to work in a full time job after having been a consultant for so many years. My answer (which is entirely truthful): when I started out doing this work, the field did not yet exist: there were no jobs. I became a consultant as a means of giving myself a job. However, I like working with others towards common goals, and would have preferred to do so from the start. Minder

Capgemini Invent

What is your background in Data Science?

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over 20 years of advanced analytics and worked with some of the largest companies in the world Minder


Describe the role to me.

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I reviewed the job description with the interviewer.

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