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Er werd een Principal Scientist - Text Mining gevraagd...7 april 2010

there really were none.

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they seemed ot want to hear what I had ot say about my past assignments and relevance to the opening. i think they were not impressed. Minder



career goals

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leadership opportunties


Various low level questions about SQL, probability theory, Python. Practical application of knowledge - this is a business problem we had, how would you design a solution? etc.

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After 10+ years as a working data scientist, I was not expecting a basic statistics final exam, nor questions regarding experience regarding the deployment of models into hosted environments. Minder

Hello, Have you heard back from them after the on-site interview? If you did, how long have you been waiting? Minder


What's your salary requirements? I always avoid answering this

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I always avoid answering this


1) Coding Challenge. Typical Hackrank questions 2) Data Munging problem 3) Prediction Problem

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Hello, Could you tell me what is the typical Hackrank question ? Is it like dynamic / greedy programming ? Do you think it is hard compared to other Hackrank problems ? Minder

Kymera Therapeutics

Scientific questions relevant to the role

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Answered all


Are you a starter or finisher?

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I don't think there is a right answer to that, and it depends on the job responsibility. You have to think fast on whether they want a starter or finisher. On the other hand, honesty may be a best policy here. Minder


If the compounds you have in mind, do not work out, what are the alternatives you have in mind?

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Though this was not an unexpected question, my answer seemed not to have convinced them. Minder

Capital One

Big emphasis on machine learning

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What was your role play topic? flight delay ? or it has changed lately ?

Capital One

Case study: How will you allocate resources in a call center? What do we learn from demand and supply? Will go after precission or Recall for such a case as a check on your model?

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The take home project was about predicting fraud in credit card transaction data set. Minder

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