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Illinois Courts
Er werd een Probation Officer gevraagd...14 maart 2023

When have you had to so something difficult at work?

North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety

Talk about a time you had to deescalate a situation due to a communication issue

HM Prison and Probation Service

Delivering excellent customer services and what skills do you need.

Virginia Department of Corrections

What do you think bring a probation officer consists of?

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Interview probationers, perform drug screens,


Show me some innovative kind of sales

Ministry of Justice UK

Describe a time you showed resillience

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

What is the Department of Juvenile Justice mission statement?

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Memorized this mission statement prior to interview. To increase public safety by reducing juvenile delinquency through effective prevention, intervention and treatment services that strengthen families and turn around the lives of troubled youth. Minder

State of Missouri

Why would you make a good Probation and Parole Officer?

How do you handle stressful situations? Give examples.

Why do you want to work for denver probation?

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