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redPanda Software
Er werd een Software Development/Project Manager gevraagd...22 januari 2023

How would you check teams health using jira

Li & Fung

What is your process? How would you resolve issues with a client/ account?

El Paso County, CO

Provide an example of when you implemented an economic development strategy (or project) that made a tangible impact on your community. What was the strategy/project, and what was the impact on the community?

Orveon Global

Do you have experience in color development and presenting to higher ups.

Walt Disney Company

Tell us about yourself , how did you manage conflict

Walt Disney Company

Why do you want to work for Disney

MicroLogic Associates

Tell me about your experience.

AQ Bio Technology Group

1. Introduce yourself 2. Describe your experience 3. Why they should hire you


Are you a dog person?

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Questions were very general and did not have depth to them. I walked away asking more questions than the interviewer.

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