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Credit Suisse
Er werd een Product Controller gevraagd...24 juni 2009

What is a balloon payment?

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It's where all the cash flow aggregates and gets payed off at maturity ex: zero coupon bond Minder

The term balloon payment is used when during the life of a debt you hold back part of the principal and pay it towards the end of the debt Minder

Red Bull Media House

How many people are on your cross functional team ? what are the roles of each of those people. Forgive me while I write this down so that I have insight in to what the organization looks like at Sony.

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Sounds like you are just surveying people for information that can help you in your current role, however you don't have a position you are hiring for. Minder

Svenska Handelsbanken

What do you know about Handelsbanken? Why this role and tell me how you got to where you are in your career?

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What is the culture of the firm like? Explain the typical day to day responsibility of the role? What is the team structure? Minder


What is your greatest strength and weakness and how to utilize and mitigate each?

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My best strength is relationship building and also working with systems. As for a weakness I can tend to ramble, so I focus i'm communicating straight to the point and being brief when it's a matter of informing higher ups in the company in order to be as helpful as possible. Minder

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus

Describe the WACC? What are elements of WACC?

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WACC is average return for the investors and landers. Elements are Equity and Debt ratio, and tax rate. Minder


What do you require to do this role?

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I listed generic requirements for me to work. But without being told what the general projects will be, and getting a good concept of the workload that would be coming my way, I could not project the staff requirement for the position. Minder

Standard Chartered Bank

Explanation required for black scholes valuation

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Formula for black scholes method of option valuation


They asked about my qualifications.

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I went through relevant job experience as evidenced on my CV.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Wie sind sie im internationalen Umfeld zurecht gekommen?

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Ich war lange sehr erfolgreich an der Schnittstelle eines 2 Nationenunternehmen tätig und kenne mich damit aus zwischen unterschiedlichen Kulturen zu vermitteln Minder

Cisco Systems

Nothing out of the ordinary

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not applicable

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