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There was also a case to develop

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The recruiter made no comment about what they were looking for in the development of that case. It turned out that the way I had developed was from the pov of a PM than a PMM which is very subjective to the way the role is carried out at the specific company.

Vertel wat over jezelf, begrijp je de afstudeeropdracht, etc

They asked multiple times about my current (at the time) workplace rather than my skills. I think they were trying to assess how committed I was at my company. It came out really bad because the questions looked assertive and more about the specific workplace rather than my interest in joining the company and my skills.

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What would you first 3 steps in a new role? What do you plan to do in your first 100 days?

What do you know about the Philips global strategy? What's the reasons to choose to work at Philips? How did you solve a problem? How did you act in an action you hadn't the successful result?

Very standard product stuff - fails, successes, teamwork...

Say you were designing a feature to order rides on behalf of someone else. How would you go about doing that? What are you the most proud off in your career?

Mostly behavioural, situational and experience questions eg. What would you do when there is a conflict of interest, how would you prioritise your tasks and answer to multiple stakeholders, tell me about a time when you launched a new product to market and how did you overcome challenges....

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How would you prioritised between sales-driven, marketing-driven and customer-driven features?

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all basic HR questions

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