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The first 2 phone interviews and most of the in person round covered my background. The last part of the in person interview was a mini case - how would you handle a problem with the site that impacted many customers.

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Because I was told not to worry about data, I focused on how I would segment down the problem and determine risk by those segments. Apparently I should have worried about the data because that's the feedback I got when they didn't make me an offer.

As a product owner, how would you communicate conflicting priorities to stakeholders?

Why do you want to join

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What would you change on and why? How do you prioritise features? How do you get feedback for features?

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How to calculate time for AB test to show significant results? What will you do if another PO wants to start AB test for the part of the product which is currently under your AB testing? What will you do in first 2 weeks given a developer, designer and data analytic? What have you carried out of job in the last 6 months? Why do you company employs globally? Will you do localized features for all countries? Should you run AB-test globally or for each separate country?

What KPIs will you choose for the particular feature?

Elaborate on a project where you used A/B testing? What if it had failed?

Suggest 3 improvements in the current product. What if one of the features' AB test do not give the desired results?

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How do you prioritise the backlog?

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basically they wanted to know about my experience, also there was one big question on improving If you want to improve booking, what are the 3 features/changes that you will implement, with what priority, what's the timeline, what will you do in the first 2 weeks.

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