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Er werd een Professional Services Manager gevraagd...10 september 2012

What are you most scared of in your new position?

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Pretty consistent question was tell me about yourself, and lots of questions on how to handle specific scenarios related to the job.

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I retold specific situations from past experiences that related to the questions. Minder

Bloomberg L.P.

What can you do for us given a potential change in the environment?

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This was abigious... I had to clarify what they meant, and then got them to scratch the question cause they did not want to discuss their environment since I was an extyenal candidate Minder

RxLogix Corporation

How would you handle a compliance project? How would you handle fixed start in Microsoft Project Plan?

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Provided the project methodology for the first. However, wasn't sure of the second. Minder


Are you awesome at what you do? Is there anyone better?

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Yes. No.

BMC Software

Role play to present a proposal to the end customer (champion and CIO)

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Prepared for the play to be myself, carefully read the provided anonymized proposal Minder


How can you streamline rendering in the Unity environment, such that they can be used to quickly train machine learning agents at speeds multiple times faster than we can do manually or with PCs.

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Using cloud-based technologies like Unity Cloud, you can parallelize and scale the rending of major blocks of data, like a city scape for example, You feed that to the ml agents, which can use thousands of iterations to create an accurate predictive AI model. Using cloud scaling, such as containerized apps on kubernetes, you can shrink that training process that would have taken weeks down to hours. Minder

Talent Equity Group

The job location looks to be 99 miles away from your current location, that commute makes no sense. Are you interested in relocating? If so, email me and I will call. I will need to bump the call to X Time.

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I copied pasted my original email stating I was open to relocation for the right opportunity. Minder


How would you operate working remotely.

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Currently work remotely, so had experience and enjoy the autonomous work as I get to see the project from end to end. Minder


What do enjoy the most about your current position?

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Give a moving example and how it will relate back to why you will enjoy working for Alcon. Minder

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