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DXC Technology
Er werd een Financial Analyst - Account Projects Lead gevraagd...8 oktober 2019

What does the acronym POC stand for and in which process is it used?

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POC = Percentage of Completion - method used usually for T&M projects with only one payment milestone at the end of the project, in order to recognise some of the revenue, proportional to the labor performed in that month. Minder

American Express

difficult situation?

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tell a story


Questions were scenario based

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Hey bro ??

Ardent Health Services

How would my current co-workers describe me?

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Detail oriented.

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past experience

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based on my resume

skills? hobbies? professional aspirations? likes?

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normal and secure, nothing out of common interview


why you want to work here?


Tell me something interesting about yourself


I was provided scenarios and asked how I would resolve them. The scenarios were not too complex.

Syneos Health

Tell me about a time where you had to deal with different stakeholders aswell as meeting deadlines?

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