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Typical opening questions (i.e. Tell me about your background) and also they asked me to describe what the responsibilities of a PM are. But they asked me one question "If you find an issue with the content, how do you find a solution? what are the steps?" - They wanted to know what I thought the responsibilities of the PM are but also they wanted details on resolving product issues. Sounded like they had workflow process issues and were looking for solutions on it as they inquired about details around this.

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I set up a 3 prong approach to determining the solution. And gave them 2 options as a solution. I was a bit too detailed in my response- they were impressed. But still no job offer.

Wat maakt jou interessant voor deze functie

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Tell me about a project you've worked on

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What is Critical Path of a project

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How your friends would describe yourself?

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Tell me about yourself?

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How do you reflect?

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Hypothetical situations that gave them a gauge on how you would adapt to Dutch Culture.

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What did you do in previous (similar) roles.

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