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Er werd een Prop Trader gevraagd...29 juli 2011

I flip a coin and get heads 99 times. It is a fair coin. What are the chances that, if flipped again, will tails come up.

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Technically answer is 50/50 but they want out of the box thinking. Perhaps suggest that the coin must not be fair or that there is an outside factor playing a role. Minder

It's 50/50, and the thing to understand is that 99 heads in a row is no more likely or unlikely than a sequence of, say, H,T,H,T,T,T,T,H,H,T,H,H,T,T... and so on up to 99. Each particular "random"sequence of heads & tails is equally unlikely. If we take the averages of all possible sequences then heads comes up as many times as tails does, but for a particular string of 100 flips, there's no knowing until we are finished whether it's going to be H(99) & T(1) or H(100) & T(0). Could go either way, and the odds are 50/50. Minder

T3 Trading Group

what is the angle between hour and minute hand at 10:30 how to escape a room without windows how much dust in a hole of 10*12*10 inches indexes and bond interest rates of prior day behavioral questions: who would you like to invite for dinner

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should be 135

Angle Problem: The hour hand is halfway between the 10 and 11 and the minute hand is on the 6, so they are 4.5 away and there are 12 total on the clock. 4.5/12 * 360 = 30*4.5 = 45*3 = 135 degrees Minder

T3 Trading Group

Do you have any experience in trading?

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Yes I have x amount of experience in trading in xyz and I find a great passion in it Minder

Positive Equity

Why do you want to become prop trader?

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3 biggest success in life

T3 Trading Group


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Gelber Group

what do you trade and how do you trade

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various commodities and equities and I trade very successfully

Assent LLC

There was nothing difficult or unexpected.

T3 Trading Group

Why are you interested in becoming a prop trader? Why do you think you will be successful in this career?

T3 Trading Group

Tell me something about yourself?

Integra Capital

What is your background in general and more specifically in trading? What are a few good traits of a trader? Have you read the few breakdown?

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