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Er werd een Property Accountant gevraagd...28 augustus 2018

Why did you apply for this position? What are your strength and weaknesses? what makes you a better candidate for this positions

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I had past expertise in that domain. I wanted to comeback to face new people and challenges. As well, is there anything new added in that domain; that I did learn. Minder

I applied for his position because I have past experience in that domain.

SandRidge Energy

What's your five year plan?

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I wanted to stay in Oklahoma and grow my career in oil and gas.

Jones Lang LaSalle

How to record a security deposit from a tenant, describe the journal entry. Alot of it was hammering into how much I knew about specific accounting for properties because they told me they dont want to have to train at all. but that's just what they were looking for at the time the team seemed very nice and there was not even a specific position that needed filling I just won the chance to interview.

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Its considered Unearned revenue

Hidden Harbor Capital Partners

Give examples of times you dealt with situations and how you handled it.

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very carefully

Unico Properties

Don't recall getting any of the tired, ineffective questions some companies still cling to (strengths/weaknesses, "tell me about a time you asked someone about a time" and so on). "Why are you looking" came up.

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I'm not/wasn't looking but I have no problem listening when approached.

FPI Management

What experience do you have that pertains to this position?

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Be honest. It's just a question to get you talking about past jobs.

Howard Hughes

Technical questions about the position.

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I knew what they were asking about.


Tell me about yourself

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Be honest and talk about your previous job experiences

Extra Space Storage

What are some of the red flags you would see in an organization that would make you not want to work for them?

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I thought it was a great question because the interviewer wanted to find out what was important to me in an organization and determine if I would be a good fit as well as let me know what type of orgnaization ESS is and if I think it would be a good fit for me. Minder

Extra Space Storage

How do you handle working with someone that is a friend and being their supervisor?

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They should be treated no different than any other employee

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