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Er werd een Property Administrator gevraagd...13 mei 2016

What is your previous experience?

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What does that even mean?

Are you prepared to be innovative?

Jones Lang LaSalle

What is your availability?

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Jones Lang LaSalle

1. Describe past experience and how it correlates with this job

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admin work

Silver Star Properties

What experience Did i have

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I was just coming out of college, so I did not have much, but did do property management for an apartment complex back in school Minder

Baceline Group

Classic questions about computer experience, work ethic and general demeanor.

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Past job experience, and if I was comfortable with tasks that would be assigned to me in the position I was apply for.

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Explained my work experience in detail especially if it applied to the position. Explain my interest in the company and position. I also asked questions regarding the position: if I was right for the position, did this position requirement any additional research for me, ect.... Minder


If you were working on a project and another Property manager came to you with a second project, how would you respond?

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First I would look at the deadlines. Assuming that my first project wasn't time sensitive but this second project was, I would reply by accepting the new project. If the first project was time sensitive and the second wasn't, I would let the manager bringing me a new project that I can take care of that task for them when I am done with this project. I would give them an ETA of when I will be done with the first task. If they are both time sensitive I would rely on clear communication. Set the expectation to the manager coming to me now about the current project that I am working on another time sensitive project. I think any time you have to do tasks for multiple managers it all comes down to that communication. A lot of frustration comes from unmet expectations, so making sure everyone is on the same page from the beginning can help set the expectations so that everyone is happy. Minder


What does good customer service look like to you?

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I think that there are 3 main things that I prioritize in my customer care. They are my focus on listening more than talking, empathy and allowing negative interactions to roll off of me. Listening is such an easy thing but so often we get into the routine of our job and we don't listen to understand, we listen to respond. I like to make sure that my customers know that I am listening to them and hearing what they are actually trying to communicate. Sometimes people may be upset about one thing, but there is a deeper underlying issue that you only uncover by digging in with them. Empathy is so important when connecting with people. We all inherently want to be heard and seen, especially when things are frustrating or a situation has gone wrong. Listening is a huge part of empathy because you cannot truly help someone if you don't understand what they are communicating. Taking time with someone is often important to having a strong connection as well, so I try to not hurry through a call or give the standard response to every customer. Allowing the negative to roll off of me is also wrapped up in that empathy. I think it's important to realize when someone is angry, it's often not about you. Listen to them, allow the time and space needed to connect with them and then let it go. When we hold on to the negative it just ends up hurting us and that limits our performance. I know that sounds a little new age but I did spend the last 10 years as a massage therapist. Yet that time is what really brought home for me these three characteristics and their importance in customer service jobs. Minder


Can you tell me about a time when you have had to deal with an angry customer and what you did to resolve the complaint?

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I used the STAR technique to help me with my answer, I described a situation/task and the action I took to resolve it. You just have to draw upon your own experiences. Minder

Crossbridge Condominium Services

Just the usual interview questions: what are your goals? why are you applying? what do you hope to do in the next 5 years? Why are you quitting? etc...

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I answered the questions to the best of my abilities.

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