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Paramark Real Estate Services
Er werd een Property Manager gevraagd...28 december 2018

Can you start right away?

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Right away


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How would you handle a tenant who is late with their rent?

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Of course, I would follow company procedures, but would see if their is a way I can help them get it paid, and avoid being late in the future. Minder

Follow any company procedures to contact the tenant, whether it's written or verbal. Inform them if the delinquency and inquire about the payment. Minder

First, send an email or note stating that they are late and get a date that they will pay by. (Within the normal grace period, if any) Minder

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Extra Space Storage

have you submitted your application and resume via or company Web site?

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Yes, I have, I've also been to two other locations, called, and applied through two other job search engines. Still, no confirmed appointment for a scheduled interview. Minder

Never apply for the Buford location, it's a waste of time and the district manager is not fit for his position, apply somewhere else, you have a better chance with a decent human being Minder

When you apply online there are screening questions that if you don't answer "correctly" you will not even be offered an interview. Minder

Silver Star Properties

I was asked many personal questions.

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I had my devout Christian father and Real Estate Broker review my answers and know that I did well on the assessments, including the math portion. If this is truly a Christian company, based on certain values, an honest reason why I was denied the position would have been ideal. Minder

They were neither truthful nor transparent. Always the same modus operandi: they portend their Christianity while tearing you to pieces. Cliques abound and suspicions run high. Don't think God woman approve of such false prophets. Minder

I don't know why they call themselves christian when their actions are not really christian base. I work for them for 2 years and during those two years, I was humiliated and accused of things caused by my supervisor. I confidentially asked HR (Kimberly Strickland) for an internal investigation, the first thing she did was notify my supervisor and the vice president of the company what I had told her. Instead of helping, she contributed so I could be fired. They refused to pay my 80 hours vacation and Kimberly ignored all my emails. HONESTLY YOU WILL BE BETTER WORKING FOR ANY OTHER COMPANY. Minder

Notting Hill Genesis

During the infrastructure change why would people be expected to apply for demoted Job title positions and for a large decreased in salary which is something like ten to thirteen thousand decrease ? and would you consider that reasonable ? especially considering the economic climate of today and inflation and such .. realising it more cost people more to work for you which would incurr hardships and deficits in the employers pockets and so employers are expected to be assimilated into their Job roles despite whether they agree with their Job roles and large decrease in salaries and if they refuse they fail getting there redundancy ? despite employers hardships and basically you are demanding that employers apply for the proposed Jobs with there hands up there backs with a large Junk of there salaries missing and that you would dismiss them under there current contract if they fail to be assimilated to a job position you proposed with a large decrease in salary ? and that this is not a case of re engagement of the current contract proposed with different terms and conditions and that they would still have to attend a interview and application before which is no guarantee anyway and failure to agree is instant dissmissal ?I asked when will get notice you terminate are current contract ?

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Lillibridge Healthcare Services

Do you have experience using Yardi?

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I have not used Yardi, but I am a quick learner and am computer savvy.

Yes I have used Yardi

Yes I do know Yardi.


Why are you leaving your current job?

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Dallas tx

I don't have a job I m look for work

I don't have a job


What’s your leadership style?

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Strong but patient and understanding when necessary

It doesn’t matter how you answer because their employee turnover is so high, they will still find you a spot. Submit to them telling you the specific time to take lunch, being monitored by countless cameras, not having access to vendors, no possible bonus, and 6 day mandatory work weeks and you are in. Minder


Are you comfortable with leasing apartments with rent this high?

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I am extremely Confident with leasing apartments from all ranges. I am very thorough, persistent, goal oriented, team player and always want to keep growing in my career Minder

I am unsure, I would have to see all floorplans and amenities


Why did you apply for this position? What are your strength and weaknesses? what makes you a better candidate for this positions

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I had past expertise in that domain. I wanted to comeback to face new people and challenges. As well, is there anything new added in that domain; that I did learn. Minder

I applied for his position because I have past experience in that domain.

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