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US Department of Veterans Affairs
Er werd een Psychology Technician (Essentially A Research Assistant) gevraagd...6 januari 2016

Why do you think you would be a good fit for our research team? How did you hear about our research being conducted? How familiar with working with veterans with post-traumatic stress and other disorders are you? Things like this, the interviewers were two doctors, both very nice people and it was very casual. I was quizzed a little on my knowledge of neurology and neuropsychology, but it was not intimidating or stressful.

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"I have read many of your journal articles, Dr._________, and I have found them to be fascinating and really align with my career and academic interests. This is why I felt compelled to contact you, to see if I could be part of a team that is conducting such exciting research" or something along those lines. Minder

KLM Consulting

Why Psychology?

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was asking why i decided to study psychology in university and why i wanted to work in the field Minder

Roosevelt University

What attracted you to this job?

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The school’ commitment to social justice and the position encompassed everything I’m looking for Minder

Prince Sultan University

They never asked me a single question! I never actually had an interview.

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There were NO questions to answer.... There never was an interview!!!!!!

Lynn University

Have you looked at the specifications and requirements for the degree program?

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I reviewed it, but failed to memorize every class the department offered...

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

What have you accomplished in (one of the work experience on my resume)?

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I described what work and I did with whom, and my result pretty honestly.

Ministry of Education Singapore

Given a situation where the teacher you liaise with is not contactable, how would you go about the scheduled meeting with the child?

La Sierra University

What psychology classes have you taken at this school and other schools?

Are you comfortable working in a fast paced environment?

KLM Consulting

what is yhour greatest weakness

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