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Salvatore Ferragamo
Er werd een Public Relations Intern/Internship gevraagd...12 juni 2014

"Your resume doesn't have a background that has nothing to do with public relations. Are you sure you're applying for the right role (internship)?"

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My resume had a background, at the time, of only one PR internship in DIGITAL and the rest of my background solely in merchandising. I told her that I wanted to pursue PR, why and that while I was still in college I wanted to get as much experience as I could prior to graduating. Minder


What do you want to learn at this internship that you haven't had a chance to learn at your other internship.

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A chance to get some hands on experince with media relations.

Real Chemistry

What medical news resources do you use?

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I didn't know much about medical news outlets.


How did you learn about FKM?

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I researched public relations companies in the houston area.

Real Chemistry

curious about interest in science

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I mentioned some courses I took that involved up-to-date science

The Borgen Project

What is your top strength?


They asked what services I was familiar with in regards to Public Relation services.


Wieso PR? Wieso Luxusbranche?

Walker Sands

Writing test was super easy. They ask you to write a press release, there is a grammer section and then they ask you to write tweets about articles.


Tell me about yourself, talk through your resume.

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