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UC Health
Er werd een Public Safety Dispatcher gevraagd...9 september 2021

Normal interview questions. Experience & expectations.

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As required.

Wichita Falls Police Department

How do you feel your integrity plays into you being a good 9-1-1 Call Taker

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a good 9 1 1 call taker can not let personal emotions or feeling affect their judgment during calls. Failure to follow procedure could lead to unnecessary casualties. You must demonstrate integrity in in all aspects of your life because you are the voice of help during a crisis no matter the magnitude and must therefore remain above reproach because you represent the police , the medics, the entire city. Minder

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How do you handle a co-worker that has an issue with you?

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Hoping I’m with the company so I see myself here. My goals have always been to be in law enforcement. I don’t deal with unnecessary drama so I take it straight to the supervisor and handle it that way. Minder

University of Wisconsin-Madison

How would I describe my feelings toward working with a diverse student body.

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I told them I am not prejudiced, mainly because my family is interracial.

U.S. Security Associates

Can you pass a drug test?

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UNC Charlotte

Several question depending of your experience

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Various answers

National Park Service

What my experience was in the job field

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Law enforcement and public safety background

City of Reno

You hear a co-worker curse or be extremely rude to a caller and then hang up on them. What would you do?

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Tell the co-worker that was probably not the best way to handle that, and that they may want to let a supervisor know what they did before the caller calls back with a complaint. If co-worker does not agree with this then mention it to a supervisor so that they have a heads up of what is coming. Minder

City of Torrance, California

how would you react to a caller that was a nuisance? he called everyday about a crime.

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I asked if he was a tax-payer ?

City Ambulance Service

What is your current call volume? Are you willing to relocate?

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