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Penguin Group
Er werd een Publicity Intern gevraagd...30 april 2014

What is your greatest weakness? How do you organize yourself?

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Know your favorite authors and books, what you last read, what genre is your favorite and why Minder

Penguin Random House

What is one flaw you think you have?

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Delegating to others

Cashmere Agency

Tell me a little bit about your background.

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What do you know about Cashmere?

Penguin Group

Why do you want to work in publishing?

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Not necessarily unexpected, but be sure you know how to answer.

Fox Searchlight

Why do you want to be a part of the publicity department?

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Not that this was a difficult or unexpected question, but it is a very important one and should be thought out and well answered. Minder

Simon & Schuster

What imprint do you want to work for?

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Did you research their roster of imprints ahead of the interview/application?

W.W. Norton

Tell me about yourself.

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I explained where I went to school, my level, and spoke about the two organizations I'm a part of at my school. From there, they focused on a marketing organization I was in and I answered how that will help me in this position. Minder

University of Illinois at Chicago

Q: If you were hired to the publicity promotions specialist role, what would your marketing campaign look like?

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I gave some specifics about my "vision" for the role, basically what I would do if hired. I listed audience research, a content calendar, a website, and working with campus communications outlets. Minder


How do you work under pressure?

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Gave examples of previous high pressured work and how I solved it

Dan Klores Communications

What do you do for fun? Where do you get your news?

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Learning languages and traveling; NPR

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