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Er werd een Assistant Manager Purchase gevraagd...26 september 2022

only related to SAP. No other questions

Cleveland Containers

No compenticy based questions at all Very poor interview technique


What personality type do you find most challenging to work with?

Mayborn Group

Why you are interested in this position?


what will you reply to your manager if he asks you to prepare a report in 30 mins although you have other work to do?


are you good in a high pressure fast moving dept

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I said it’s what I am already used to

Time Technoplast

Related to previous handled projects

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Informative explanation

Spring Footwear Corp

Why would make you be a good fit for this position.


Included general behavioural questions and a math assessment test


-If I have experience of purchasing software & hardware. - If I am tech-aware of computers as products. -Placing and follow up orders through ERP

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