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University of the Witwatersrand
Er werd een Financial Systems Functional Analyst: Purchasing and Procurement gevraagd...5 oktober 2016

How important is Receipt process in a purchase.

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Without receipt, we cannot have a track on the goods receipt and the quantity received. Minder

Without receipt, we cannot have a proof or track for the goods received or purchased. Minder

State of Oregon DAS

what is your greatest weakness

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i dont remember my answer but it wasnt very good

DC Shoes

how to problem solve

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how to problem solve

How many years experience I had Buying?

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I said that I do cost savings to make the company more profitable. Work with engineering and production to meet the time lines for the customer. Minder

Consulate Health Care

Why do you want to work in procurement


What was your biggest win from your time at your last company?

Consus Global

What is my experience on consultancy ? How to deal with the client ? How to handle any commodity offered to the consultant designated for the said client??

JTI - Japan Tobacco International

Sentez-vous en adéquation avec le produit?

JTI - Japan Tobacco International

why do you want to join JTI?


It is related to my experience and job.

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